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Coronavirus Update from CGPirates

Hello mateys.

At the moment things seem pretty strange for all of us, with most of us being under lockdown and unable to see people or do the things we usually do, which can be stressful for everyone. So we are all going to go gamedev and 3d together!

Because we all need a routine, creativity, and to know there is someone out there, CGPirates will be daily streaming from 11am for two hours every day with free access for all.

Monday : The Wickie Game Development Streaming
Tuesday : Building Assets in 3D
Wednesday : Join n Learn GameDev for Beginners
Thursday : 3D and Texture development
Friday : The Wickie Game Development Streaming
Saturday : Open Day – tell me what you fancy
Sunday : Open Day – more of what you fancy

So, don’t feel you are alone. You are a member of Captain Ol’Blue’s scurvy crew now! There’s enough grog, hard tack and 3d to go around, even if you have never tried your hand at it! Just head to our Live Stream tab on the menu each day and come and join me!